About Hashtag Income

By combining personal experiences (both successes and failures) and impartial feedback from others who have tried and failed (or succeeded), we’ve created a platform for people who want to:

  • equip themselves for their financial independence journey,
  • understand the true nature, costs, and profits of a venture,
  • gauge how compatible their skills and personality are to a venture,
  • assess the countless investment tools, products, and services out there,
  • better evaluate the risks and rewards involved with investing.

Our Mission Statement

Speak hard truths when it comes to making, growing, and preserving your money on the entrepreneurial journey.

Our Financial Philosophy

We believe in achieving financial independence while you’re still around to enjoy it. But it’s not as easy as some will have you believe, and that it’s honestly not for everyone. It requires making, growing, and preserving money, and often sacrificing a lot along the way.

Our Editorial Standards

We create value-driven and easily digestible content for people looking to make, grow and preserve their money. You get info and recommendations grounded in reality, integrity, and transparency. Don’t stress about not having any experience or knowledge on a topic, we present it all in plain English so you can follow along.

But keep in mind that we’re only human, and we may fall short of this ideal at times. So, please, let us know if you see something on the site that needs updating, correcting, or simplification and we’ll get on it accordingly.