About Hashtag Income

By combining our own experiences (both successes and failures) and impartial feedback from others who have tried and failed (or succeeded), we’ve created a platform for people who want to:

  • equip themselves for their financial independence journey,
  • understand the true nature, costs, and profits of a venture,
  • gauge how compatible their skills and personality are to a venture,
  • assess the countless tools, products, and services out there,
  • better evaluate the risks and rewards involved with entrepreneurship.

Our Mission Statement

Speak hard truths when it comes to making, growing, and preserving your money on the entrepreneurial journey.

Our Financial Philosophy

We believe in achieving financial independence while you’re still around to enjoy it. But it’s not as easy as some will have you believe, and that it’s honestly not for everyone. It requires making, growing, and preserving money, and often sacrificing a lot along the way.

Our Editorial Standards

We create value-driven and easily digestible content for people looking to make, grow and preserve their money. You get info and recommendations grounded in reality, integrity, and transparency. Don’t stress about not having any experience or knowledge on a topic, we present it all in plain English so you can follow along.

But keep in mind that we’re only human, and we may fall short of this ideal at times. So, please, let us know if you see something on the site that needs updating, correcting, or simplification and we’ll get on it accordingly.

Who We Are & Why We Started #Income

We’re just two brothers who get to work together, live in a cool city, make our own schedules. Who just want to help increase your odds of achieving your online business goals.

Goran - Hashtag Income

Goran Dragutinović

For most of my life, there was only one thing I cared about, soccer. As I got older I started seeing the importance money played in our lives, so I studied it and received a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Finance. In college, I managed a student-run investment fund and interned at an investment firm.

I have been investing in the stock market and real estate since 2010. Along the way and until 2016, I worked in the insurance and gaming industries; whilst building products and websites on the side and eventually full time.

These days I still very much love soccer, but significantly less than I love my wife, my family, and the joy I get from knowing my creations help people.

Miljo - Hashtag Income

Milo Dragutinović

I have always been good with money, mostly because I never had much of it. When your funds are limited you learn to manage and protect them quickly. The next step was to learn to make more.

At 19 I decided to combine my love of fitness with my desire to make more money and start my own business. I stumbled into the world of internet marketing and after more than a few failures, was able to create my first successful affiliate marketing website.

Fueled by a little bit of success and maybe more than a little arrogance I decided to make Internet Marketing my full-time passion.

After almost a decade of successfully running a business, investing in stocks and real estate, and learning more about finance than I’d ever thought I would, I decided to share some of my thoughts on the internet. Very original, I know.

My love of both fitness and making money are still strong to this day and I plan to grow right alongside you.

Humble Beginnings

Our journey started on a Bosnian farm, where we were born and lived until the civil war broke out. One day the soldiers came and ordered us to leave, our house was promptly destroyed thereafter. Thus, overnight, we became refugees without money or a home.

But you’d be surprised at how much you can endure and on how little you can get by; as our family and many other families who shared our circumstances would discover.

Coming to America

Just a few years after the civil war, another war broke out in the region. And once more we were leaving our home and being catapulted into a yet another uncertainty.

Our family’s financial troubles didn’t go away once we got here. To the contrary, being in a foreign land and going through all the new hardships made them seem worse.

We lived in a bad neighborhood, in a home infested with roaches and mice. Our parents got introduced to credit cards, predatory lending, and keeping up with the Jones’. Having a strong desire to see their kids happy, they bought and bought.

After six long years, we purchased a home in a better neighborhood as a result of a predatory ARM loan given to our father by a “friend.” Foreclosure negotiations followed.

Launching a Business

Jaded by our disenchanting American experience and continued familial struggles, we sought solace by partaking in our entrepreneurial Uncle’s wild gambles at estate sales. We soon discovered eBay, Amazon, PayPal and that the entire world was going digital.

Our first digital endeavor was in 2005, selling collectibles on eBay for our Uncle. It was an incredible experience where a lot of mistakes were made and a lot of wisdom gained. Though we had no money, we realized we were truly in the land of opportunity.

Our first official business was launched in 2013, an integrated marketing company called Golden Ape Media LLC. In fact, that’s the company that owns this website. Through it, we’ve launched a number of affiliate and eCommerce websites, some didn’t do well. But the ones that did have helped dozens of millions of readers thus far.

Helping Others

By being of value to others, we’ve made what to us is a lot of money along the way. We feel blessed to be have been able to assist our parents financially and thank them for their sacrifices and for instilling invaluable characteristics like resilience, grit, and stoicism. It was those qualities and the kindness of strangers that got us here.

If it weren’t for the internet and the incredibly generous people who continue to share their knowledge and experiences with others online, we would never have made it this far in life. And though we’ve yet a long way to go, we feel incredibly fortunate already.

We hope this website turns out to be equally as useful on your entrepreneurial journey to financial independence, in making sense of your personal finances, in figuring out what you want to be in life. In preserving your hard-earned money, in choosing the right financial tools and services, and overall improving your level of financial literacy.